Chesterfield family raising money for paralyzed brother’s life-changing wheelchair

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — A Richmond-area family is asking for the community’s help raising money to buy a newly-designed wheelchair for a Meadowbrook High School graduate who was paralyzed during a football game in 1996.

According to his sister, Tam Smith, Clay Ransom suffered a critical spinal cord injury during the game on his 15th birthday. Smith says the chair will allow her brother more mobility both inside and outside his home. The problem is, the new chair will cost roughly $30,000 with all the necessary adjustments.

According to Smith, Ransom’s current motorized chair is aging, needs repair and is not an ideal fit for his 6’4″ stature.

“Individuals with his type of injury are typically not expected to have a good quality of life (due to decline in health) and it is brief,” Smith writes on the page for the YouCaring campaign she started this week. “I know because of our mom’s dedication to Clay (God rest her soul) he has survived 19 years – and counting as long as I am on watch!”

You can donate to the campaign here.

Smith says her brother deserves to have a wheelchair that is conducive for his tall body, offers weight shifts with ease, smoothly changes position and aids in overall health.

“The Permobil chair will truly increase his independence at home, limit kidney stones, improve blood circulation, muscle atrophy can be slowed, help reduce daily spasms and lessen the re-occurrence of pressure point skin sores – which are incredibly difficult to heal,” says Smith.

I’m reaching out for your help! He can not afford this chair on his own, even if the insurance decides to approve it partially, they do not consider this device as something needed regardless of its health benefits. The chair cost over $30k after all the required adjustments. Please share with all your networks (family, friends, coworkers), because with just one person it turns into 2, then becomes 4, etc. I know in my heart this is meant for him, we simply need your help to make it happen. Thank you in advance for your support.

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