Dinwiddie dad behind viral baby announcement says “Baby Buns” is small but strong

DINWIDDIE, Va. (WRIC) — We have learned some encouraging news about “Baby Buns,” the infant born four months early to a Dinwiddie couple whose September baby announcement went viral.

Arkell Graves and his wife, Dana, had been trying to have a baby since they married 17 years ago.

On Tuesday, Dana gave birth via C-section.

“Kaleb came into the world yesterday at 1:08 pm and you know, just to let the world know, he’s very small but he’s strong,” Arkell Graves said in an exclusive interview with 8News reporter Kristin Smith.

The proud father added that Kaleb Arkell Graves came out kicking, but it was four months early.

Doctors delivered the little guy prematurely at VCU Medical Center because he was putting Dana’s health at risk. Her blood pressure was through the roof.

“She fought through this,” Arkell Graves said of his wife. “She didn’t have to do this, so my respect for her is, oh man, I don’t even think Webster has a word for it.”

“She fought through this,” Arkell said of his wife. “She didn’t have to do this, so my respect for her is, oh man, I don’t even think Webster has a word for it.”

Arkell Graves says his wife is doing well; she’s already up and walking. Baby Kaleb’s vitals are strong, too.

8News met the Graves family in September, when Dana secretly recorded Arkell Graves’ reaction to learning he was going to be a father. The father to be sobbed when he heard the news.

Prior to that, the couple struggled for seventeen years to have a child and suffered multiple miscarriages along with a still birth.

Now, they have their miracle and they chose the biblical name, Kaleb.

“God is good. God gets all the glory for this. All the glory for this,” Arkell Graves insists .

He also credits the prayers from people all over the world as millions of people were touched by that viral video.

“It’s very overwhelming and there’s no way I could thank everyone personally for all the prayers and love,  but I can say thank you and continue to pray for us and for real that’s all we need is prayers,” Arkell Graves said.

Arkell Graves expects his wife to come home by Monday, but baby Kaleb will be in the hospital for several months.

Want to keep up with this family’s journey? Follow their Facebook page.

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