Senate candidates debate gun control, other topics at VCU

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Four candidates from the 10th Senate district squared off Tuesday night in a town hall debate at VCU.

Election day is just two weeks away, and political watchers from all across the state are watching this race because it will likely determine whether Democrats or Republicans control state Senate.

Republican Glen Sturtevant, Democrat Dan Gecker, Libertarian Carl Loser and Independent Marleen Durfee went back and forth for 90 minutes. With slain WDBJ reporter Allison Parker’s parents in the audience, the group discussed their beliefs on gun control.

“I think concealed carry is something we should have,” said Loser.

“I fully favor universal background checks which have failed, I favor prohibiting guns from people who have committed domestic abuse,” said Gecker.

“Always fight for the funding and the support that law enforcement and public safety need to enforce our state and federal  gun laws,” said Sturtevant.

“I would be in support of reasonable gun measures to make sure we are safe in our society,” said Durfee.

Later in the debate, Gecker and Sturtevant differed on their views of off-shore drilling as it relates to job creation. Sturtevant says the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will create jobs.

“Energy means jobs in Virginia and you cant be serious about growing our economy if you don’t support an all of the above energy policy,” said Sturtevant.

Gecker said, “off-shore drilling right now has not been demonstrated to be done safely. We have a wonderful coast line, again I would not risk Virginia’s environment for drilling off shore.”

Gecker says instead of the pipeline creating jobs, he wants to do that with combining infrastructure and education.


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