Thousands come out for TURN open cast call

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — AMC’s show ‘TURN’ is gearing up for another season and of course this season, like the rest, will be filmed right here in the Richmond and Tri-Cities area. Thousands battled the cold temperatures coming out to an open casting call for the show. The line stretched for as far as the eye could see, thousands hoping to hit it big.

“You got to go out enough, its like the jackpot, its like the lottery– eventually somebody has to hit it big,” said Bill Vernon who auditioned for the show.

Vernon says he has been to several casting calls for major productions but hopes his first time trying out for “Turn” is the one that will matter.

“Just done some plays and I have been in some HR video things for people but nothing this big but you just have to keep plugging away,” said Vernon.

Some say they know the position they would be perfect for. Kristen White says one of her favorite characters was killed off the series last season, she hopes she can play a role similar to that character.

“I want to be something sorta like her, so that is what I would like to do,” said White.

Organizers say many of the people who turned out today will be cast as extras, but whether it’s a leading role or an extra many here say they are ready for it.

“It would just be really fun, its just one of those things you can tell people, ‘hey, no that’s me. Really, if you pause it you can see I’m there,'” said Vernon.

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