Colder temperatures present risks when it comes to heating your home

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Temperatures are dropping and tonight, fire fighters are issuing a warning about things not to do to heat your home.

“We don’t want to have anybody using appliances to heat their home, we see that a lot.” said Shaun Whiteley, a fire fighter in Richmond.

Often time, people will use appliances like stoves to produce heat — fire fighters say that is a bad idea. Another danger is space heaters.

“We use portable space heaters and other methods in which to heat the house. We want to make sure people keep those objects at least three feet from any combustible products,” said Whiteley.

There are also tips to save money on your electricity by maintaining your heating unit and changing your air filter.

“Make sure they are clean. If they are clean you can put them back. If they are dirty, it is best to go ahead and replace them. It is very important to keep these clean because airflow is critical to make your systems efficient,” said Steffen Meade, who is a manager at Universal Heating and Plumbing.

Meade says just because your system may be working now, a quick check up could save you from lots of cold nights and wasted money.

“Of course, you always want to have your system serviced and that includes replacing your filter on a regular basis. But, a good quality maintenance on your heating and air conditioner equipment will really help it last a lot longer and may prevent a break down, but also check for cracks around windows and doors and install weather stripping if it needs it,” said Meade.

It’s also important to check your outdoor unit and clear away any leaves that may have built up around it.

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