Boy asks state troopers for autographs instead of WVU football players

At a West Virginia University football game Saturday, 6-year-old Braedon Mullins asked state troopers to autograph his football instead of the football players. (Photo: Dreama Crowder Mullins via ABC News)

(WRIC/ABC) — 6-year-old Braedon Mullins got autographs for his “heroes” at a West Virginia University football game this past weekend. The signatures weren’t from Mountaineers, though — rather the state troopers who were standing guard.

Braedon attended the game against Oklahoma State on Saturday, his mom Dreama Crowder Mullins told ABC News.

The boy was walking toward the field with his mom and older brother on game day when he saw state troopers at the bottom of the stairs. His “eyes lit up,” Mullins said.

“He stood tall and proud and saluted them, and walked up and asked them if they would sign his football for him because they were his heroes,” Mullins recounted, adding that Braedon did not want to join his brother in getting an autograph from player Wendell Smallwood because he said “he isn’t a trooper.”

“I thought it was pretty cool that all those football players were out there and he was watching us,” Cpl. Donnie White said. “You can’t put a price tag on that.”

Braedon has dreams of being a trooper when he grows up, his mom said. He wants to be on the Special Response Team with his own police dog.

“Braedon has always been fascinated with the West Virginia State Police, with the uniform and the lights,” Mullins said. “He strives to want to help others and wants to get ‘the bad guy’ off the street.”

As for the state troopers, they were just as excited as Braedon to give out their autographs and “didn’t hesitate at all,” Mullins said.

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