8 tips to save on your energy bill

NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH) — It never hurts to have some extra money in your pocket.

News 8 talked to those “in the know” about how to save money on your electric bill and put together a list of eight ways you can save.

  1. Let the sun in through south facing windows. It warms the room for free and if you close those shades at night you can keep in the heat. United Illuminating says up to 15 percent of your heat can escape through unprotected windows.
  2. Cool your home with ceiling fans. They cost about 30 cents a month if they run eight hours a day. Air conditioners can cost 50 times that.
  3. Keep your water heater at 120 degrees to save as much as 25 dollars a year.
  4. Set your refrigerator at 34-37 degrees and your freezer at 5 degrees. It’s the most efficient settings and the safest for your food.
  5. Always buy Energy Star appliances.
  6. Clean the dryer filter and exhaust vent which often fill up with lint and dust.
    “First of all it’s going to be harder for your dryer to dispense the heat out of it and second of all you’re going to cause a fire eventually if enough of it builds up in there,” said Nick Wrobel, Cash True Value.
  7. Use LED light bulbs.
  8. Use dimmers
    “Less wattage means less energy consumed overall. So these are great because they allow you to A, customize the light in your room and B, it helps to save energy while doing so,” said Wrobel.

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