GoGoSqueez recalls apple sauce pouches because ‘mold is gross’

(WBAY) — The maker of GoGo squeeZ is recalling some squeezable apple sauce pouches because of mold.

In a statement on its web site, Materne North America says “We know mold is gross” and can create an unpleasant taste or appearance, but it doesn’t pose a health risk.

Materne says it’s a common mold on fruit, and a problem in its production allowed the mold to develop.

The voluntary recall affects pouches with a a “Best Before” date between 06/30/16 and 07/26/16. The date is printed on the carton and individual pouches.

The company is offering a voucher for a free replacement of the product to anyone affected by the recall. Call 1-844-275-5841 or submit a request online (click here). You’ll need information from the carton or pouch.

Materne says it notified the Food and Drug Administration about the recall.

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