Defense witnesses plea for mercy ahead of Geronimo Aguilar’s sentencing

FORT WORTH, Texas (WRIC) — Witnesses for the defense plea for mercy for former Richmond pastor Geronimo ‘Pastor G’ Aguilar as sentencing for the convicted pedophile continues in a Texas courtroom.

A former ROC Church parishioner told the judge Tuesday morning that Aguilar’s church helped addicts and prostitutes turn their lives around. She also testified that his church helped to reduce crime in the city.

Aguilar’s Uncle Mel took the stand Tuesday and said that he was ashamed of his nephew, but said that he didn’t have a good example since his father wasn’t there for him. Mel went on to say “shame on those women” for continuing to badger Aguilar. He added that it wasn’t Christian.

Aguilar’s Uncle Mel said “shame on those women” for continuing to badger his nephew. He added that it wasn’t Christian.

Uncle Mel also testified that Aguilar’s dad slept with his wife.

“What he has done we can penalize, but he still has more he can do for the community,” Uncle Mel said.

Aguilar, 45, was found guilty in June of sexually assaulting two girls back in the 1990s when they were just 11 and 13-years-old. 8News Investigative Reporter Kerri O’Brien is the only Richmond reporter in Fort Worth covering his sentencing.

Witnesses called to the stand on Monday for the prosecution said Aguilar destroyed a lot of lives. The judge heard from Aguilar’s victims, who described the damage that years and years of sexual abuse had on them and their families.

Spectators of the court became visibly emotional as Lani Vallejo recounted the abuse she and her sister experienced. She told the judge that she and her sister have been left emotionally and mentally scarred, unable to trust anyone.

“At some point he had Nancy lay on the floor, she was at the foot of the bed,” Vallejo recalled. “After he touched me he laid with Nancy.”

“I just had… a lot of baggage and just shame and guilt and insecurities,” added victim Nancy Mohr.

More allegations surfaced during the sentencing. A former assistant pastor at the ROC Church, Andrew Delgado, told the judge that Aguilar once purchased $9,000 rims for his car on the churches tab. The witness also accused Aguilar of using money set aside for church deacons to buy a $1,000 watch.

“We went to the Stony Point Fashion Mall and and he bought himself a black Movado watch with a big diamond,” Delgado said. “There was no numbers, just a big diamond on the top.”

Several witnesses for the defense asked the judge for mercy in sentencing. One witness said that Aguilar helped her family, saying Aguilar reached out when no one else would help. Another former ROC parishioner told the judge that Aguilar helped him get off drugs, which changed his life.

Pastor G Crying
Geronimo ‘Pastor G’ Aguilar reacts as his daughter testifies on his behalf at his sentencing hearing in Fort Worth, Texas on Tuesday, October 13, 2015. (PHOTO CREDIT: WRIC)

“He helped me to get clean but I tried previous times before that to get clean until I met Jesus I believe that was route to help me get clean,” Aaron Gray said.

The defense is expected to rest it’s case this afternoon. Sources tell 8News the prosecution is planning on calling a rebuttal witness.

Stay with 8News for the latest on this developing story. Click here for continuing coverage.

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