S.C. animal shelter influx brings dozens of dogs to Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – 8News was on the scene Tuesday evening as animals rescued from deadly flooding in south Carolina found a new home in Richmond.

Two dozen dogs arrived at Richmond SPCA on October 13 after relentless rains in South Carolina separated pets from their families. According to SPCA workers, the relief effort was more than just making more room in South Carolina animal shelters- they said it was a life-saving rescue.

A four-person team from the Richmond SPCA went to South Carolina to provide relief for shelters affected by flooding, returning one day later.

“They’ve been trying to manage the enormous influx of displaced animals in South Carolina because of the floods,” said Robin Starr, Richmond SPCA’s chief executive officer. “There are lots of owned pets left behind by evacuees. Others have been separated and lost. They’ve gone into shelters all over South Carolina.”

Many of the dogs already sheltered in South Carolina faced a grim fate because of overcrowding.

“In order to make space, it’s likely these animals would’ve been euthanized if there had not been a way to get them out to safety,” said Starr.

The Richmond SPCA is a no-kill shelter, giving refuge to the rescued animals.

“When they come in to us they’re safely in good care until they find a good home,” Starr told 8News.

The animals were not immediately available for adoption. They will need to be examined by veterinary staff before they can be adopted.

The crew from the Richmond SPCA was the only Central Virginia animal welfare organization participating in the rescue, which was coordinated by the Humane Society of the United States.

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