‘Pastor G’ sentenced to 40 years in prison

FORT WORTH, Texas (WRIC) — The once charismatic Richmond megachurch pastor Geronimo Aguilar is heading to prison.

‘Pastor G’ was sentenced Tuesday to 40 years for sexually assaulting two young sisters in Texas in the 90s.

A judge sentenced Aguilar to 40 years for the first and second counts and 20 years for counts three, four, five, six and seven. He will serve the counts concurrently and will be eligible for parole in 20 years.

8News Investigator Kerri O’Brien was the only Richmond reporter in the courtroom when the sentence was read.

For the victims, justice and a chance to finally move on with their lives as they feel confident Aguilar can never hurt another child, parishioner or family again.

While prosecutors were pushing for life in prison, both the district attorney and the victims feel the judge’s sentence was fair.

Pastor G in Cuffs

“We’re super grateful,” said Nancy Mohr, one of the victims. “We were grateful just for the guilty verdict three months ago. 40 years … That’s a lot of time.”

From the pulpit to prison, the former ROC church pastor showed no emotion after the judge handed down the sentence; a simple wave goodbye to his dad was it.

Aguilar will be eligible for parole in 20 years, but sisters Nancy Mohr and Landi Vallejo say they’ll fight it if they have to. In the meantime, they’re relieved knowing the man who robbed parts of their childhood by sexually assaulting them when they were just 11 and 13 years old is going away for a long time.

“How do we know that the hartlet didn’t lead him?” questioned Pastor G’s uncle, Mel Aguilar. “That’s my question too. I don’t know that she didn’t lead him.”

“Now he is sentenced in a time where it is going to stop him from doing this again,” Vallejo said.

The two-day sentencing was filled with testimonies both shocking and heartbreaking.

“How do we know that the hartlet didn’t lead him?” questioned Pastor G’s uncle, Mel Aguilar. “That’s my question too. I don’t know that she didn’t lead him.”

“Even when I was a brat, he was the one who forgave me,” Aguilar’s daughter said while crying on the stand.

That was the only time Pastor G showed emotion, when his 15-year-old daughter took the stand with tears in her eyes.

Witnesses for the defense argued Aguilar was a good dad and had saved lives with his church by helping addicts get clean. But witnesses for the prosecution presented a pastor who used his power for evil.

“He has ruined people’s faiths, marriages, families, innocence I think he is in a place he can’t do that,” Assistant District Attorney Eric Nickols said. “If he wants to have a ministry he can do it in prison.”

Aguilar’s attorney’s still plan to appeal.

“We have some legal issues that we are going to appeal that have nothing to do with the facts of the case, but have to do with the statue of limitations,” Defense Attorney Thomas Pavlinic said.

The victims say they are not worries.

If Aguilar serves the full 40-year sentence, he will be 85 years old when he gets out of prison.

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