Make-A-Wish kids meet Packers’ Aaron Rodgers

Two boys at Sunday’s Packers game live thousands of miles apart from one another, but share a love for the Packers.

In fact, if they could wish for anything in the world, it would be to see a Packers game.

Their wish came true at Sunday’s game against the Rams.

One of the boys, 8-year-old Hayden Burke, describes the experience as, “happiness.”

“Hayden has EB [Epidermolysis Bullosa], which is a rare skin condition and it affects every day of his life,” said Hayden’s father, Tony Burke.

EB causes fragile, easily injured skin which often causes blisters.

For Hayden, the game was a break from reality and he said he was excited.

“Because I get to go onto the field and see them,” said Hayden.

The Burke family made their way onto the sidelines to meet up with another Make-A-Wish recipient, Mikey, and his family. The two families met Saturday.

The boys had went to practice, ate lunch, wrestled, and played football with Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers Saturday.

Hayden and Mikey share a love for the Packers, but also have another thing in common.

They both have a life-threatening medical condition.

The boys said being on the sideline before today’s game was super exciting and the Packers said experiences like this one are exciting for them too.

“The players and the coaches, they probably get a lot more out of it maybe even than the families do. It really humbles you and puts things into perspective,” said Cathy Dworak, Director of Community Outreach and Player/Alumni Relations.

The two watched as the Packers warmed up before the game.

Before the team headed off the field, the boys were greeted by a familiar face–Aaron Rodgers.

“If you could have any wish in the world and they pick us, we definitely want to make sure that it’s flawless,” Dworak said.

Smiles on faces like Hayden and Mikey’s aren’t a stranger to the Packers.

The team invites Make-A-Wish children to Lambeau Field before each home game.

“When they come here and they see the whole Lambeau Field and the experience that they get with the players, have having lunch with them, and hanging out with Aaron and Clay for an hour, it’s really exciting to see it on their face,” said Dworak.

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