Indianapolis woman fights off intruder with sword, medieval combat skills

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – An Indianapolis woman says she put her medieval combat skills and sword to good use after a man broke into her home Friday morning.

Karen Dolley, 43, got a rude awakening just after midnight on Friday.

“I woke up to a man’s voice in the hallway and so I came flying out of bed, flicked on the light and saw a guy standing in the hallway,” she said. “I just started punching him in the face repeatedly, yelling, ‘Get out! Get out!’”

The man Dolley saw inside her home was Jacob Wessel, 30. Dolley said Wessel forced his way inside her home through her back door while she was sleeping in her bedroom.

“He’s yelling at this point like, ‘Call 911!’ and I’m like, ‘That’s going to happen bro,’” she said.

Dolley said she backed Wessel into a back bedroom and tried to find her gun, but she couldn’t locate it. She then grabbed her sword.

“It’s just a sword that someone gave me as collateral for a loan 25 years ago, and that dude left town and I kept the sword and it’s been a home defense weapon ever since. And I never thought I’d really have to use it, but I did.”

Dolley, who stands 5 feet 6.5 inches tall, said she trained in medieval combat for one year with a group called Society for Creative Anachronism. She’s also a member of the Naptown Roller Girls.

Dolley said Wessel was acting strange after he broke into her home.

“He was yelling at this point like, ‘Call 911!’ And I’m like, ‘That’s going to happen bro.’ The guy was starting to hide behind my bed and he’s crouching, looking over the bed, and going ‘Shhh. Turn the light off. Turn the light off. They’re going to find us.’”

Dolley said Wessel was paranoid someone was chasing after him.

As they waited for officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to arrive, Dolley said things got a little tense when she thought he was reaching for a weapon.

She said, “He started reaching into his front right pocket and that’s when I put about five pounds of pressure onto the sword into his kidney and said, ‘You take your hand out of your pocket and you put it out in front of your or I will run you through because I know how to use this.’”

Dolley said she’s glad things did not get worse.

Wessel was arrested and charged with residential entry.

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