City leaders, family, friends remember Alicia Rasin’s legacy

RICHMOND,Va. (WRIC) — Alicia Rasin was always there to comfort others during their time of grief. Whenever a family lost a loved one because of violence, Rasin was there to support those families. Rasin was often there to guide families through challenging scenarios, like finding funding for funerals. Now, it’s her own family that’s coming to terms with the fact that she’s died.

“She’d been through so much and overcame it, you just always think she would come out of it,” says Zaire Carter Sr. Rasin’s nephew.

Alicia Rasin’s health had been declining for months, she died Friday.

Rasin grew up in a house full of girls. She had three other sisters, and two cousins who lived with their family. She had no kids, but her Church Hill home was a haven for many even in her very last days.

“She’d been through so much and overcame it, you just always think she would come out of it.”

“She’s right there basically on her death bed and she is worrying about giving families food for Christmas and she may not even make it a next couple of days,” says Reginald Edwards Jr., one of Rasin’s nephews.

Rasin started the Citizens Against Crime group in Richmond, gaining notoriety for her community work. The pictures in her home with many politicians including Mayor Dwight C. Jones, Mayor Doug Wilder and Senator Warner, show that she had respect from many powerful people.

“From the highest ranking person in the city, to the low man on the totem-pole, she cared about everybody,” says Lawrence Smith, one of her nephews.

Mayor Dwight C. Jones said that he’s lost a dear friend. In a statement, the Mayor said:

“Alicia was a compassionate voice and a real haven of peace for families and victims of violent acts. While I am saddened over this loss, I also celebrate the life of Alicia Rasin. She’s was a special soul and has been a rock in our community for many years. She helped sustain our city during our toughest times. May she rest in peace.”

As word continues to spread about Alicia Rasin’s death, her family has a simple wish, that her legacy never dies.

“Right now the city needs another leader to step up in her spot and continue with the fight that she lived.”

Rasin was 62 years old. Her family is still making final plans for her funeral.

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