See photos of a baby squirrel saved from South Carolina floods

(Photo: Sarah Scruggs/ABC News)

(WRIC/ABC) — A baby squirrel is getting a second chance at life after a girl saved the animal from the floods in South Carolina that have killed 15.

Sarah Scruggs, 27, found the baby squirrel in a puddle in Columbia, S.C. on Oct. 4 after the state experienced catastrophic flooding and tons of rainfall. Now, she’s nursing the little critter back to health.

“I had gone out to see what damage there was in the neighborhood and I walked by and saw something,” Scruggs told ABC News. “There was a little baby squirrel not moving but bubbling and sitting underwater.”

Scruggs wrapped the animal in a hoodie for warmth before she started feeding it Pedialyte for the first half of the day. She then switched to puppy formula, she said.

“Nothing made for puppies or kittens is perfect for a squirrel’s needs but it will do for now,” Scruggs said.

(Photo: Sarah Scruggs/ABC News)
(Photo: Sarah Scruggs/ABC News)

Scruggs has some experience with many kinds of wildlife. She believes the squirrel is between 5 and 6-weeks-old because of it’s little teeth and disinterest in solid food.

Although Scruggs admits that the squirrel she named Arthur is adorable, and that it’s hard to resist playing with the “curious” creature, she doesn’t plan on keeping it.

(Photo: Sarah Scruggs/ABC News)
(Photo: Sarah Scruggs/ABC News)

“I want him to be able to jump and climb and have squirrel buddies,” Scruggs said. “I’m hoping he will transition back to his habitat well.”

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