Albany police swear in 4-year-old boy

ALBANY, NY (NEWS 10) – The Albany Police Department added a new member to the squad Thursday.

Four-year-old Evan Borggreen has been battling cancer and wants to be a cop when he grows up.

Evan is known for patrolling the floor of his hospital unit, checking on the other patients and making sure they are okay.

Nurses from Albany Medical Center paired up with Albany Police to make Evan’s dream come true a little early.

With a full police force in attendance, patrol cars, horses and a K-9 unit, Borggreen was officially sworn in.

“If we are able to give him a little more courage, a little more hope, it’s worth every second of it for us,” Officer Christopher McCoy told News 10.

“He’s quite the little cop,” Evan’s Mom Theresa said. “But he will. He’ll make sure some of the other kids that are upstairs on D7 are happy and they’re playing with toys and having a good time.”

And some new, good news, Evan’s parents say he is now in remission.

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