Breast Cancer survival through the eyes of a fighter

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – It was not hard to miss the sea of bright pink at Memorial Stadium. Saturday morning kicked off the Susan G. Komen Wabash Valley Race For The Cure.

“I love this, this is my 53rd race for the cure,” said Pam Sandusky, survivor.

Pam faced the battle of her life 28 years ago when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I was surprised,” said Pam, “I’m going through life and all of this hits me and I’m like ‘wait a minute’.”

After hearing the devastating news, all Pam could think about was her son.

“That was my life, and that’s all I wanted was just to be there for him,” said Pam.

She chose to fight. Pam went through 19 surgeries, in addition to chemotherapy and radiation. Saturday, she proudly walked alongside other women, celebrating another year of being cancer free.

“There’s such a comradery,” said Pam, “You look around at all these women and think ‘yes, we can do this,’ you know you’re not alone.”

Battling cancer is an experience no one wants to have, but Pam says it’s because of it that she views life much differently than before.

“The first Christmas, after I was diagnosed, everything, the lights, the smells were so much brighter,” said Pam, “I think it has made me more aware of who I am and what I really care for.”

Now, Pam is thankful to add another experience into her life, being a grandmother.

“The happiest day was when my son and my daughter-in-law told me that I was going to have a grandson,” said Pam, “All that matters is that you’re alive and you get to see grandchildren and your son graduate and get married.”

Though Pam is cancer-free, she hopes the cause will continue to bring everyone together, one day finding a cure for all types.

“This cause is a cause for all of us because cancer knows no boundaries,” said Pam, “We’re fighting and I pray to God before I leave this Earth they find a cure for all of it.”

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