Nashville family out $1,000 after purchasing fake Taylor Swift tickets

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A family bought tickets for their little girl to see Taylor Swift but that birthday present almost wasn’t so happy when her family learned the tickets were fake.

Taylor swift plays the Bridgestone Friday, and thousands of fans, tickets in hand, are counting down the minutes.

But some fans may have a rude awakening when they get to the door and find out their tickets are fake.

That was almost the case for a Hendersonville family who now has a warning for everyone.

Addison Douglas turns 8 Wednesday. To make that birthday special, her grandfather bought four Taylor Swift tickets on Craigslist for $1000.

It wasn’t long before Addison’s mom discovered that the tickets were fake.

“I got a magnifying glass out and began looking at these tickets for flaws. And finally I saw at the bottom, a bar code, not the line, but the bar codes were all exactly the same. It was heart wrenching to know how happy she was then and know they were fake,” said Teri Douglas.

Not wanting to spoil a little girl’s birthday, the family spent another $800 and purchased four more tickets from a reputable source.

“Don’t buy off Craigslist. I could very well not know go down to Bridgestone with a seven, almost 8-year old, in tow excited decked out ready to have her first concert and get denied at the door,” said Teri Douglas.

The family is still out the $1000 spent on the fake tickets. Family members tell us they are working with Metro fraud detectives.

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