Bear cubs enjoy some hammock time

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Two bear cubs in Colorado Springs give an entertaining show as they discover a man’s hammock in his back yard.

It’s as cute as it sounds and the best part is he’s got it all on camera.

“I looked a little closer and I realized there were two bear cubs running around in the yard and one was getting really busy with the hammock,” said Jim Easton, who took the video and photos of the bears in action.

Easton said he got a kick out of watching the little cub who was struggling getting into the hammock, but the cub eventually figured it out.

“Then basically he jumped into the hammock to get into it,” Easton said.

The cub took some time to relax in the hammock, clearly enjoying himself. With another cub to the left you may be wondering where the momma bear was.

“When I looked across here the mother bear was standing right in those trees and the other baby bear was sitting over here eating something off in the trees,” Easton said.

Easton said he’s had all sorts of animals roll through his back yard, but nothing has compared to this.

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