Khaleesi, abused dog with no nose, continues her recovery

HUDSON, Fla. (WFLA) – You can’t help but fall in love with Khaleesi when you meet her. She has a gentle soul and a warrior spirit. There’s not a mean bone in her body. There’s no doubt Khaleesi is all heart. People all over the world have been touched by her remarkable story of survival.

This sweet pup endured the cruelest abuse imaginable. Someone cut off her nose and her upper jaw. The abuse didn’t stop there. Her back was beaten and broken, along with two of her legs. And, all of this happened while she was pregnant.

Khaleesi was also used as a bait dog for fighting. She was beaten, abused terribly and left to suffer.

But, this angel survived thanks to the loving efforts of Stephanie Paquin from a St. Petersburg rescue group, Passion 4 Pits. Paquin discovered Khaleesi in an Orlando shelter and immediately brought her back to the Tampa Bay area. That’s when the dog’s life changed forever.

A Hudson veterinarian, Dr. Kerri Slomcenski, began treating the abused pup and brought her back to life. Dr. Kerri, as she’s known by her patients, told News Channel 8 she fell in love with this pup’s kind eyes. “After everything she’s gone through, she still loves people. She’s doing fantastic,” Dr. Kerri said.

On Aug. 27 Khaleesi underwent massive reconstructive surgery on her face. She got a new nose and can finally smell and eat again, and she has gained weight.

Now, recovery continues with the first of two surgeries on her kneecaps. Dr. Kerri will team up with Dr. Colby Burns, a specialist from Tampa. The two veterinarians worked side by side during the first surgery and will do the same this time around. “Khaleesi has a bright future,” Dr. Kerri said.

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