Longwood students ‘can’t wait’ to host 2016 VP debate

FARMVILLE, Va (WRIC) — Several hundred people will be walking through the Willet Hall Gym doors at Longwood University to watch the 2016 vice-presidential debate live on October 4.

Thousands more will be on campus. Students on Wednesday told 8News reporter Claudia Rupcich they are looking forward to being a part of the once in a lifetime event.

“I’ve been in the library all day and the only thing I hear is ‘did you hear about the debate? Did you hear about the debate?’ And how excited students are for it to finally come to Farmville,” said junior Shea Pennington.

“I just kind of screamed in my head. This is going to be huge,” said senior and President of the Student Body Association Constance Garner.

“I think Farmville has so much to offer. I think this is really giving us an opportunity for us to really get our name out there,” said Pennington.

University President Taylor Reveley says the Commission on Presidential Debates chose Longwood after staff members and secret service visited the campus several times over the past few months.

He says they liked the campus, the community spirit and the history there.

“The Civil War drew to a close along the north end of campus where we’re standing now. And then amazingly and really poetically and profoundly, the Civil Rights movement began at the south end of campus,” said Reveley.

Reveley says 60 million people will be watching the debate around the country. There will be a raffle for students who want a ticket to go to the live debate. There will also be several screen around campus so that other students and community members can take part.

“We’ll probably set up with a big jumbotron screen and have a festival atmosphere that people can come to,” said Reveley.

“What I’m most looking forward to is just seeing how it transforms the university,” said Pennington.

Reveley says they will probably schedule Fall Break during the debate so they don’t have classes on campus. But he is encouraging students to stay in the area and get involved.

Find out more on Longwood’s website.

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