Local mom’s Frowny Faces dolls up for national award

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A Richmond-made line of dolls is getting some national attention.

Rebecca Floyd created Frowny Faces dolls to show her son — and the rest of us — that it’s okay to be sad.

We first introduced you to Floyd and her dolls back in March. Now, her product is a finalist for Martha Stewart’s American Made award.

The contest highlights local, handmade goods from across the country. Floyd is competing in the toy category.

Each of her dolls has a unique design, but all of them are made from socks and decked out in drab duds with a somewhat dreary disposition — a frown stitched across their face.

Floyd says the dolls are relatable in a variety of situations or daily disappointments.

But she says there was no frowning when she learned her product was a finalist.

“I screamed. I was so excited. I’m a huge fan of Martha Stewart. Always have been,” said Floyd. “So it’s a really big honor to have someone like her pick my dolls. I’m thrilled.”

Voting ends October 19.

If you want to vote for Frowny Faces, click HERE.

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