NC group uses ‘sticker shock’ to cut down on underage drinking

DURHAM, NC (WNCN) — A group in Durham is trying to cut down on underage drinking one store and one sticker at a time. They are marking drinks that can be mistaken for nonalcoholic drinks known as alcopops.

Sunday afternoon, volunteers with Together for resilient youth visited the Family Food Mart in Durham, with little red stickers.  The stickers say “It is illegal to purchase, provide or sell alcohol to a person under 21.”

“The stickers just basically say that we’re taking a stand against underage drinking and for the convenience stores that we go to it’s their way of saying that we card and we cannot sale to underage people,” said coalition coordinator, Amber Esters.

Group members say the goal is to lower underage drinking numbers in the city.

“It works fine and even the customers appreciate it,” said store owner, Ahmad Abuoeah. “ I explain to them it’s good for them and they appreciate it and they are happy with that and what they are doing and people who live in the neighborhood also say the same thing, they like that. “

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