Surgical masked robber in Henrico apologizes to victim during spree

Henrico Police are searching for a brazen thief in a surgical mask.

Detectives say the man has robbed three west end businesses at gunpoint over the past two days.

“All of a sudden he just pulls out the gun at me and he just said, you already know the drill. Put the money in the bag,” says Pam Gomez-Cano.

She was only working her third day on the job at a cellular store on West Broad Street when she says the man in the surgical mask walked in and pointed a gun at her.

“I didn’t know what to think,” adds Gomez-Cano, “It got to a point where i was like, I’m helping him get whatever he wants. I’m on his side at that point.”

So she gave him money from the drawer and the four HTC cell phones he demanded.

That’s when the suspect apologized.

“He said, you know I’m sorry, I just need to pay for my surgeries,” explains Gomez-Cano, who adds the robber limped out of the store.

Just over twenty-four hours later, police say the same man with a surgical mask hit a Sleepy’s store on Staples Mill Road near Hungary Springs.

Not even an hour later, investigators say the suspect struck again at the Little Caesar’s on Staples Mill Road near Glenside.

Employees there tell 8news the man with the gun seemed nervous and he had that limp.

Police say their best bet at nabbing this guy is if someone recognizes his picture. If you have any information that can help, please call Henrico Police.

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