Paddleboard Pilates making waves in Woodlake

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — Are you bored with your regular workout?  It may be time to add a board. A paddleboard, that is.

Doing Pilates on a paddleboard on the water is the fitness craze making waves in Woodlake.

Cindy Birnbaum has become a regular. “It’s fun and it’s different and you’re outside. It just feels very free.”

Instructor Greet France explains it’s all about balance. “You have to take into consideration that the board moves side to side so you really have to brace your core to stay on the board.”

France leads the class through a series of moves that are traditionally done on a mat. During this class, they’re done with a twist, sometimes using the paddle as a prop. Each exercise tests strength and patience.

“It’s definitely a comfort zone qualifier,” says first-timer Laura Brawley.

Brawley already does Pilates at least once a week and now plans to add this routine to her schedule.

“We have this beautiful reservoir and this beautiful area to enjoy all the time,” she says about the experience outside.

Adds Birnbaum, “You feel free, you feel fun, you feel relaxed, you feel like you’re on vacation, like you’re away from the rest of the world for a little while.”

France says this is an all-weather fitness class. On those rainy days or during the cold months, she moves her class inside to the pool.

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