Organizers ready for thousands expected to attend UCI Opening Ceremony

After years of planning, the UCI Road World Champions are finally here.

Richmond Police say they are ready for the thousands of people expected to participate in the nine day long event.

“We are very confident that people will be safe, they will be secure, and they should come down, enjoy the event and let all the security worries be ours,” says  Richmond’s Deputy Police Chief, John Buturla.

Dep. Chief Buturla says the department has been planning for this event for four years. Throughout the championships, local and federal law enforcement will be working together to ensure that everyone is safe.

“Everyone has come together to makes sure that we have a safe and secure event and we are going to have a 9 day party,” says Deputy Chief Buturla.

The first major event will be the opening ceremonies on Brown’s Island this Friday at 6:30 p.m.. Richmond 2015 organizers say the 12,000 free tickets have already been claimed, mostly by spectators.

The 12,000 lucky ticket holders are not allowed to bring pets unless it’s a service animal, no large back packs or coolers, and only one bottle of water is allowed in.

For a full list of what’s allowed on Brown’s Island during the opening ceremonies, click here.

For more information on the entire event, click here.

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