Millions of Americans have already started holiday shopping

Christmas is about 100 days away… but that hasn’t dissuaded millions of Americans from starting on their holiday shopping, a new poll says.

Around 32 million Americans –- or 14 percent of consumers -– have begun holiday shopping, and about 4.6 million –- or 2 percent of consumers –- are already completely done with their shopping list, according to the poll released by

No worries for procrastinators, though. You’re not alone.

The poll also found that 55 percent of holiday shoppers won’t cross every item off their list until December. One in five will wait all the way until Christmas Eve to wrap their last present.

The fact that the Christmas season seems to start earlier and earlier each year was suggested by 15 percent of consumers who said they planned to start shopping earlier in the year, compared to a slim four percent who said they planned to start later.

The digital firm eMarketer released an estimate last month that U.S. retail sales would reach $885.7 billion between the months of November and December.’s newly-released poll was conducted among 1,004 adults in the U.S. over Labor Day weekend by Princeton Survey Research Associates International.

ABC News contributed to this report.

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