Portland pot cart ‘Smoke Buddy’ finds legal loophole, gives pot away for free

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The owner of a mobile marijuana shop admits he’s using a loophole to give pot away to people over 21 who buy a container from his cart.

Larry, the owner of Smoke Buddy, declined to give KOIN 6 News his last name when he spoke from his cart at the corner of Alma and Willamette in Portland Saturday night. Larry, who’s  based out of St. Johns, said he educates people about the benefits of organic marijuana.

Smoke Buddy has been operating for several weeks in different Portland neighborhoods. Customers who buy containers get weed for free.

The Oregon Health Authority states a marijuana facility must operate at a particular location to be registered, and any transfer of pot to or from a dispensary must take place at the registered address.

Larry said all he’s selling is containers.

“What we do is give the medicine away for absolutely free. Anybody over 21 of course,” Larry told KOIN 6 News. “People who drive by they love the Buddy, they love what we’re doing here. There are a lot of neighbors who think we are a medical dispensary, but that’s not the case. What we do is give the weed away for free. Once again, I can’t repeat that enough. We sell the containers.”

He admitted that’s a legal loophole.

“There’s nothing they can do if someone’s 21. I heard it on the radio,” he said. “I checked all the laws there’s nothing they can do. But you can’t sell it. That is the thing about the law.”

Portland Police Bureau Sgt. Pete Simpson provided the following statement regarding the legality of Smoke Buddy:

“If the owner has more than one ounce of marijuana in his possession on the car, it would be illegal, albeit a misdemeanor. If we received a complaint about the cart, officers could respond and take law enforcement action but it’s not something we are proactively enforcing.”

Smoke Buddy announces its mobile location on its Facebook page. Larry said they also offer grow tips and give away free hemp rope.

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