Sandwich shop stick up: Customer’s sub stolen at gunpoint

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Police are looking for three teens or possibly even more in connection of an armed robbery on Aug. 24.

On Monday, authorities released photos and video of three suspects who paid a visit of a neighborhood Subway shop at West 12th Street and Semmes Avenue.

Subway robbery

Richmond Police told 8News that when a customer got a sandwich to go, he was held up at gunpoint.

“This gentleman’s walking, some individual grabs his sandwich bag he turns around to see what’s going on and there’s a juvenile standing there with a gun pointed at him,” said Richmond Police Sergeant Ethan Rhodenizer.

Rhodenizer said the teens are known in the neighborhood.

“These kids are also involved in stealing bike parts and vandalism, it looks like they’ve progressed from stealing bicycle seats and tires to now up to armed robbery,” stated the detective.

Police are banking on someone recognizing the suspects in the recently released photos and video or even better yet, they turn themselves.

“I’ve seen a lot of crazy things in 15-years this ranks up there with the weirdest no reason for it type of things I’ve seen,” said Rhodenizer. “It’s always better to come forward and just say look  it was a stupid kid thing,  I screwed up I thought  it was something to do, it was stupid to do,  it went too far, I’m sorry.”

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