Non-profit makes good on payment to teens who worked in Mosby Court community gardens

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — There are new developments in a story 8News broke on August 17. A Richmond nonprofit accused of not paying dozens of teens who worked in the community gardens in Mosby Court through Kinfolks community have paid the teens according to Giles Harnsberger, executive director of the Groundwork RVA.

In an email to 8News, Giles said:

“Groundwork RVA has not ‘backed out’ of our contract with the City of Richmond contract with Groundwork RVA on behalf of Kinfolk for 50K. Groundwork RVA is working with Kinfolk and the City Attorney’s Office to finalize the contract.

This 50K grant is not a matching grant; all of the funds come from the City of Richmond non-departmental fund, which funds various non-profits in the Richmond area.

Kinfolk paid their youth participants on Friday, August 21, making good on their commitments.”


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