Kroger security guard’s actions questioned after video surfaces

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Some people in Richmond are questioning the actions of two Kroger security guards after they were recorded trying to restrain a man accused of shop-lifting.

The incident happened on Thursday at the Kroger store located at 901 N. Lombardy Street in Richmond. In the video, which is more than three minutes long, the security officers can be seen carrying, then restraining a man accused of shop-lifting. By-standers could also be heard telling the man to cooperate with security officers, while others were condemning the security officers’ use of force.

8news spoke with customers who had mixed reactions.

“It made me sick. There is no reason for them to be man-handling that person,” says Barbara Rae.

“It’s just sad to see, especially because that’s some body’s kid, some body’s dad maybe, some body’s brother. But when you do wrong, you ultimately have to understand you have a consequence that has to be paid,” says Nicole Fields.

8news anchor Ava-joye Burnett checked in with Richmond police and they said the department had no call for service to this store on that day and no reports of a shop lifter; therefore, the department is not investigating.

Dennis Cardwell lives across the street from the Kroger and says he saw everything.

“It was a little struggle. Like I said he tried to take a punch at the guy and the guy just restrained him,” sayd Cardwell.

Anne Jenkins, a spokesperson for Kroger issued a statement:

We are aware of the incident and the video in question. The male in contact with the alleged shoplifter and the female in the purple shirt are part of our loss prevention unit. The safety of our customers and associates is our highest priority. While the incident at our Lombardy Street location was an isolated situation, we take it very seriously and are investigating. This incident is not a reflection of our company’s security procedures.

The company would not comment on the job status of the two security officers involved, citing that the organization does not comment on personnel matters.

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