VCU added to list of schools under investigation for handling of sex assaults

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — VCU joins the list of schools under federal investigation for the way it handles sexual assaults. In total 131 schools across the country are being investigated to ensure students have full access to an education, without the fear or trauma of a sexual assault.

“Since I first started here I think they’ve improved a lot on their policies and what not and I think they’re definitely getting better,” said student Anthony Marquez.

So far there are no specifics on why the school was added to the list. Some students say they’re not surprised.

“It’s going to be more exposed because we’re such a big university however I think the corrective steps are being taken,” said Marquez.

Others say they’re not sure why the university would be investigated.

“I do feel VCU is a safe campus so it kind of puts a bad name but it’s actually a pretty safe environment,” said student Jobelle Cruz.

Cruz says she has no problem with the investigation though, saying it will give them a peace of mind.

“It’s going to make me feel better, other students feel better that you’re doing something to help us feel safe on campus,” said Cruz.

VCU released this statement:

“VCU is doing everything possible to cooperate with the investigation. While we are unable to comment on specific details connected to the investigation, we can share that the university has made a significant investment in people and resources to support our office of equity and access services, which leads, coordinates and supports civil rights compliance, including title ix, for the university community.”

Five other Virginia schools are on the list of those being investigated. They are the University of Virginia, the College of William and Mary, James Madison University, the University of Richmond and Washington and Lee University.

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