Pretrial motions made for Jesse Matthew case

Jesse L. Matthew

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Thursday was a pretrial motions hearing with Jesse Matthew’s attorneys asking the judge to rule on issues now that could impact next year’s trial. The most interesting info came after an Albemarle County police officer testified about Matthew’s arrest in Texas.

He told the court there were maps with markings in Matthew’s car that show he may have been trying to flee the country and head to Mexico. This was a three hour hearing that covered everything from how attorneys handle evidence to what people can wear in court.

Gil Harrington came to court today wearing an orange scarf — Hannah Graham’s favorite color. But if Matthew’s attorneys get their way, Harrington will have to leave the scarf at home next time. The defense is asking the judge to ban people from wearing any symbols, tokes or photos honoring the victim.

“I think that token and insignia question is vague. Kind of silly,” said Harrington. “At this point in my life I’m surrounded by things that bring back a memory. Whether it’s a color or a piece of jewelry?

“I don’t have a flesh and blood daughter anymore. What I do have are tokens and insignia and I’m reluctant to turn loose of them. It’s my version of waving the flag, beating the drum”

Matthew’s attorneys argued those symbols could win jurors sympathy. The judge did not make a decision on the matter but she did take it under advisement.

Matthew’s attorneys also wanted the judge to impose a gag order on this case, which would have prevented the Commonwealth’s Attorney from talking with the media. The judge denied the gag order but advised the Commonwealth’s Attorney to be very careful about what she says to the press.

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