2015 History Makers include 97.3 WRIR

About 200 volunteers operate 97.3 WRIR Richmond Community Radio.

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Valentine has announced winners of the 2015 History Makers Awards. They are the Greater Richmond Age Wave, Great Aspirations Scholarship Program (GRASP), Darcy Oman, Ana Edwards and 97.3 WRIR Community Radio.

8News is a proud sponsor of the History Makers Awards and continues to highlight these people and groups who are making this region a better place.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for ten years now, WRIR has filled the airwaves.

“WRIR is of and for the Richmond community,” says Jesse Oremland, the Board of Directors President.

He explains that WRIR came to be following the Radio Community Act passed by Congress in 2000. It paved the way for the creation of low-powered FM stations to serve their region in a way that the larger ones cannot.

WRIR found its place on the dial at 97.3 and officially hit the air in 2005. It is operated entirely by volunteers who say they are committed to broadcasting under-represented news, views and music.

“Old recordings, sometimes from some live band from the 70’s or whatever,” Oremland describes the unique offerings. “A lot of vinyl records.”

Adds WRIR Talk Show Host Carol Olson, “We’re part of how the landscape of Richmond has changed.”

Olson’s day job is with Virginia’s Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance. During her talk shows on WRIR, she shares local resources and laws tailored to the needs of the Richmond audience.

“It’s my small way of contributing to the cause,” Olson says.

A recent survey found about 11,000 people tune in each week, and those supporters answer the call for funding to thank everyone who works tirelessly to give Richmonders a voice.

Says Olson, “You get to hear you. You get to hear people in your community.”

The 2015 History Makers, including WRIR, will be honored at a ceremony on October 20. Tickets go on sale in September.

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