Scam targeting E-ZPass toll road users

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(WRIC) — Some E-ZPass account holders are receiving strange emails warning they are “indebted for driving on toll roads.”

AAA Mid-Atlantic Spokesman John Townsend received an email requesting an appearance for an unpaid toll.

“Everyone must be on guard for these fraudsters attempting to con you out of your hard-earned funds and account information, compromise your security, and wreak havoc on your computer system,” said Townsend.  “Be wary. Be wise. Don’t fall prey to any attempt to steal your personal information. Be skeptical of all e-mail that directs the user to a website in which credit card or personal information is entered.”

The email does look legitimate, but when the customer clicks on the link to pay, scammers can then gain access to user’s information.

The Federal Trade Commission has issued tips on how E-ZPass holders can avoid being the “catch of the day”:

  • Never click on links in emails unless you’re sure who sent you the message.
  • Don’t respond to any emails that ask for personal or financial information. Email isn’t a secure way to send that information.
  • Type an organization’s URL yourself, and don’t submit personal or financial information at a website unless the URL begins with https (the “s” stands for secure).
  • If an email looks like it is from E-ZPass, contact E-Z Pass customer service to confirm that it is really from the agency.
  • Keep your computer security software current.

If you have been tricked by a phishing email, simply forward it to and to the company impersonated in the email. Plus, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

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