George Zimmerman, ‘Muslim-free’ gun store selling Confederate flag paintings

George Zimmerman, right, speaks with defense counsel Don West. (File photo: Associated Press)

(WFLA) — George Zimmerman is teaming up with a controversial Florida gun store to sell his Confederate flag prints.

“This painting was painted in honor of Andy Hallinan for being a true patriot and leading the country into a better, safer America,” the Florida Gun Supply’s website reads.

Zimmerman’s first painting, of an American flag, sold on eBay for $100,099.99 in 2013, CNN reports. Anyone who buys one of Zimmerman’s new prints will be entered to win an original Confederate flag painting of his.

The Florida Gun Supply drew attention in July when Hallinan, the owner, declared his store a Muslim-free zone. CAIR Florida, which is the Council on American-Islamic Relations, is suing Hallinan. The suit demands an injunction against Florida Gun Supply prohibiting it from discriminating against Muslims and others on the basis of religion.

Zimmerman apparently heard about the CAIR lawsuit while working on an American flag painting.

“George decided to scrap the original American flag painting and repaint it with a Confederate (Battle) Flag,” the Gun Supply’s website reads.

The website says Zimmerman and Hallinan will split the proceeds for “their legal funds, living expenses, and advancing their mission to change the country.”

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