‘Don’t you die on me’ Ohio trooper yells while saving man’s life

(Photo: Ohio State Highway Patrol/Facebook)

PIQUA, Ohio (WRIC) — This dash cam video doesn’t show much more than traffic cruising down an Ohio highway, but what you can’t see off camera is dramatic and inspiring.

A highway patrol trooper, Eric Devers, was first to arrive on scene after a tractor trailer went off the road, crashing through a guardrail.

Ohio State Highway Patrol posted about the incident on Facebook, saying Trooper Devers found the driver of the truck in the driver’s seat, taking low, gasping breaths with his eyelids half closed.

If you’re on mobile, you’ll have to click here to see the video.

After some time, police say the trooper’s eyes rolled into the back of his head before he slumped over and stopped breathing. A passerby stopped to assist and kept the driver upright as Trooper Devers performed CPR chest compressions until emergency medical services arrived on scene.

Trooper Devers was on the scene for 12 minutes prior to medical personnel arriving, according to Ohio State Highway Patrol. The driver then began breathing on his own and stabilized.

The driver was transported to Wilson Memorial Hospital and made a full recovery.

The family of the crash victim, medical personnel and witnesses at the scene say Trooper Devers helped save the driver’s life.

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