VIDEO: Dogs scared awake by 4.0 earthquake

(via Ashley Guerin video)

ALAMEDA (KRON) — For many people around the Bay Area, Monday’s jolt raised fears about the long overdue “big one.” Many residents were shaken out of their sleep by the sharp thrust caused by a magnitude-4.0 quake that struck this morning in Piedmont.

Bay Area resident Ashley Guerin says her heart stopped as the earthquake violently rocked her Alameda home for about a second. Her boyfriend grabbed her and screamed that the “big one” had finally arrived.

The 24-year-old Las Vegas-transplant has been in the Bay Area about 18 months and has never had the pleasure of experiencing the regions infamous tremors. So how was it?

“It was kind of exciting. I kind of liked it,” Guerin said with a laugh.

Her beloved doggies weren’t as amused.

Guerin posted a video recorded using her home surveillance system showing her two 1-year-old Shih Tzus being startled out their sleep the moment the quake struck at 6:49 a.m. (If you watch closely, the dogs seem to know it’s coming about a fraction of a second before the room shakes.)

When the rocking stopped, Guerin checked on her dogs using the surveillance system’s app. She noticed the dogs were looking anxious as both nervously scanned the room trying to make out the commotion.

The doggies are okay but now when they hear a noise they get a little uneasy. To soothe the jumpy pups, Guerin gave them some leftover birthday cake from their party on Sunday night.

“They deserved a little cake to help calm them,” Guerin said.

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