Tennessee man puts up scarecrows of Trump, Kelly

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Franklin man known for his political scarecrows has a new addition this year in light of the Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly confrontation.

Dave Kelly put up a scarecrow of presidential candidate Donald Trump standing next to a scarecrow of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly while giving her ‘bunny ears’ on his property off Arno Road.

“They’ve made up now. Donald’s kind of made up,” Kelly said. “He’s still playing kind of a joke on her with the bunny ears.”

So far, he said, people seem to like it.

“A lot of people will pull over and get out and snap a picture. Some people, I’ve had two or three guys knock on the door. They want to know where they can buy one of these,” Kelly told 8News sister station News 2.

He continued, “So we’ve got people who wants to put one in the car and drive around with it, we’ve had a lot of people come by if we’re out working in the garden, honk the horn, [and say], ‘ Hey Donald!’”

Kelly told News 2 he has been putting up scarecrows such as Trump and the Fox News anchor for about a decade now.

“It’s neat we just keep the same structure and kind of change the outfit and the head, now we’ve got a new one to work with, so we’ll have a sidekick every year.”

Kelly said he has poked fun at everyone from Lane Kiffin to Governor Bill Haslam with his scarecrows.

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