Washington Redskins’ president defends contract agreement with Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Washington Redskins President Bruce Allen is defending his teams contract and fulfillment of obligation to both the City of Richmond and the State of Virginia saying the team has gone above and beyond the terms of the agreement.

“We have exceeded everything in the agreement, the agreement doesn’t state for example we are going to build playgrounds, it doesn’t say our reading program is going to reach 1,000 kids.,” says Allen.

Redskins TC

Yet 8News has confirmed that Maurice Jones, Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade, is still looking over the deal to see if the NFL Football team has met is obligations under a $4 million grant.

The Redskins role in the agreement came into question in early July when two state senators fired off a letter to the Jones expressing concern about the contractual obligations. At the time, the Redskins has failed to file annual reports detailing their progress.

Allen says those documents have now been filed.

“The governor and  the mayor are very pleased with the deal, “ says Allen.

While fan attendance was down at training camp this year, Allen says the team will finish out its eight-year contract in Richmond.

Allen attributed the drop in attendance to last year’s losing season.

“I think it has a little to do with our performance of four and 12 last year,” Allen explained.

Meanwhile, Allen says the search for a new stadium location is on, but he emphasized that the team will not change its name — even if it hinders chances for a new stadium.

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