3 kittens thrown from moving vehicles now in recovery

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nashville Cat Rescue told 8News sister station WKRN News 2 that three different kittens were thrown from vehicles within a 24-hour period last week in Shelbyville, Marshal County and Bellevue.

Megan Brodbine Williams, the co-founder of Nashville cat rescue said they “had a rash of kitties that had been thrown from cars.”

Katniss, who is just five weeks old, is recovering from a broken shoulder and will have to wear a splint for at least another two weeks.

“She was actually unconscious on the road,” said Williams. “She just wants to cuddle like right at your heart.”

When the volunteer organization sent out email alerts about the kittens, foster Sabryna Fahrney was heartbroken. “It was one after another. ‘This kitten has been thrown from the car, can anybody help?‘ Oh now another one has been thrown from a car, can anybody help.”

Fahrney took in Indiana, another kitten who was thrown out of a vehicle.

(Photos: WKRN)
(Photos: WKRN)

Indiana, or Indy for short, had to have one of her legs amputated since it was so mangled.

“She’s very trusting and wants to be a kitten,” said Fahrney. “She didn’t ask for all of those horrible things to happen to her and I think she’s ready to get her staples out so she can start running and playing again.”

Penske, the third kitten, is still in the hospital and may lose an eye.

All three kittens have foster homes thanks to Nashville Cat Rescue, but are in need of permanent homes.

Nashville Cat Rescue has about 55 foster homes that house recovering kittens, and six adoption centers where forever families can come find their new cat.

The 100 percent volunteer organization needs help so they can keep taking care of Nashville’s cats. They’re in need of foster families, donations, cat food, collars, carriers and crates.

Click here to help.

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