The Best of Richmond 2015: The Best Morning Radio Show

RICHMOND, Va.  (WRIC) — She, is a local radio icon with more than 15-years on the air. And some say he, is an idiot. Melissa Chase and Jack Lauterbach of the 103.7 PLAY Morning Show topped Richmond Magazine’s Best Morning Radio Show category.

“It’s an honor,” said Lauterbach. “We don’t think anyone listens to us but apparently like tens of people do.”

They’re a classic comedy team.

“Here’s Melissa, this amazing bubbly Mom of two — talks about her kids,” says Jennifer Carter. “And here’s Jack and his escapades–perpetual bachelor.”

Just four years ago, Lauterbach had never been on the air. But Chase recognized something special in the bartender, blogger, and columnist. He had a point of view and attitude. And as much as they joke about it, he worked to learn his craft.

“He doesn’t come in hung over as often. I’m in my 30s – so, that’s a win,” said Chase. “Yeah, he like grew up on the radio, which is kinda cool. I did that too, but I was like 19 at the time when it happened.

Take it from their boss, Jack Willoughby — being this good ain’t easy.

“On the radio they’re having a lot of fun joking a lot–having fun–but these are incredibly hard working people,” explained Willoughby.

Lauterbach and Chase are committed to being local.

“It does make a difference to me. Why? Because I love hearing about the restaurants that Jack talks about or what Melissa did this weekend in Richmond,” said Carter. “I love the local.”

Chase also won Best Local Radio Personality. Lauterbach also won Most Annoying Media Personality — and there was a lot of competition for that one.

It’s that time of year again when we team up with Richmond Magazine to feature some of the people, places and businesses that you voted “The Best of Richmond.”

For more of the Best of Richmond 2015 coverage click here.

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