The Best of Richmond 2015: The Best Cocktails in Town

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — After less than two years in business, Richmond Magazine readers voted The Rogue Gentleman, “Best Cocktails in Town.”

The brainchild of owner John Maher, is serving up the most unique drinks in Richmond.

“I think we tend to really do real seasonal cocktails, definitely by the season, and I think we take a lot more risks,” Maher. “People expect that of us, kinda hence the name we go against the grain a bit.”

The menu, served on baseball cards, with nearly 20 drinks like the Kentucky Buck and the Mountain Man. But if you don’t see one that strikes your fancy, that’s not a problem. You can order the “Dealer’s Choice.”

“You pick a spirit and two adjectives to describe it and then we invent something,” said Paul Blumer, bar manager. “I don’t think any other bars are doing that. Some bartenders will do it, but it’s on our menu.”

Those ingredients all lined up on a bar that looks more like a chemistry lab with bottles of every spirit and mixer you can think of.

“We change it up, going with the seasons, local fruits for our drinks and local honey whatever we can find,” said Blumer.

Blumer says it’s this “improv game” that keeps folks coming back.

“I think it’s fair to say we’re regulars,” customer Matt Eakin.

“The atmosphere is a huge part of why we keep coming back,” customer Emily Schy. “We feel really welcome and at home here, and it’s completely innovative.”

And it’s not just their drinks that are unique, their food is too. Check out their locally famous Parker house rolls and fried chicken skins.

“When we have had the occasion to eat here the menu is out of site,” said Schy. “It’s just incredible.”

They also offer a four course prix-fix option featuring dishes made with fresh, local ingredients.

It’s that time of year again when we team up with Richmond Magazine to feature some of the people, places and businesses that you voted “The Best of Richmond.”

For more of the Best of Richmond 2015 coverage click here.

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