Meet Miss Virginia Savannah Lane

MIDLOTHIAN, Va. (WRIC) In less than a month, women from all over the country will be chasing their dreams at the Miss America Pageant, that includes our very own Miss Virginia.

We met Savannah Lane earlier this year when her twin sister suffered a heart attack and the nation rallied behind her with #WeAreHaileyStrong

“When I heard my name called, it was like fairy tale,” recounts Lane.

In June, she won the Miss Virginia crown, but that euphoric moment, one she had dreamed of for years, couldn’t eclipse what had happened to her a month earlier.

That’s when her twin sister Hailey came home from the hospital.

“Having the Hailey Strong campaign and having everyone rally behind us really inspired me to continue to compete. My sister Hailey, when she woke out of her coma, was so thrilled to be able to say I cant wait to cheer you on,” says Lane.

Now as Miss Virginia, Lane hopes to give back to the community that stood behind her family during that difficult time.

She visits hospitals and feels her experience with Hailey’s illness has enabled her to really connect with patients and their families.

“I’ve already had my fairy tale ending. my sister is home recovering and in a much better place than she was and so to be able to walk away with the title of Miss Virginia,” explains Savannah, “I want to always be reminded of the commitment that the community made to us and i hope to return that.”

Miss Virginia is a service driven job that keeps her going non-stop.

But for Lane, it’s the perfect prep for next month’s competition in Atlantic City.

“I just hope to enjoy the experience, enjoy the ride and it’s a win – win. If you win Miss America, you have the year of a lifetime and if you don’t win, you still have the year of a lifetime as Miss Virginia,” she said.

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