Fredericksburg firefighters, officers free kitten from storm drain

(Photos: Fredericksburg Police Department/Facebook)

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — Police in Fredericksburg rescued a kitten from a storm drain early Thursday morning.

Dispatch received a call around 1:00 a.m. from a woman who said she heard a kitten crying from inside a storm drain near the Belmont apartment complex.

Officer Gilworth and Officer Wagner with the Fredericksburg Police responded to the call and could see the kitten in the storm drain. To rescue the kitten, officers requested a fire truck be sent out to remove the manhole cover.

The fire department arrived, removed the manhole cover and Officer Gilworth climbed into the drain.

The kitten, however, was frightened and ran down a narrow, 150 foot horizontal pipe that runs to the other side of the road. The fire department removed the manhole cover on the other side of the street and Officer Gilworth descended again, this time with cat food and milk. However, the kitten was still too frightened to come to Officer Gilworth.

Firefighters then had the idea to run water through the pipe to hopefully coerce the kitten into coming out. Officer Gilworth also felt the kitten may have been scared of his flashlight so he turned his flashlight off. The Fire Department ran water gently through the pipe and moments later the kitten was within arm’s reach of Officer Gilworth.

The kitten was successfully rescued and a nearby resident took him home.

Thank you to Officer Gilworth, Officer Wagner, and the Fire Department for “a puurrfect job!”

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