Honeysuckle covered fence in New Kent County creates dangerous intersection

NEW KENT COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Neighbors in a small Quinton subdivision aren’t sweet on a honeysuckle covered fence, over on Dispatch Road.

They say the intersection near Firethorn Lane is dangerous, and reached out to 8News to come take a look.

“It’s a 35 mile per hour speed limit, but no one does 35, “says neighbor Joe Leonard.

And neighbor Kim Martin agrees, “People come around that curve so quickly, that you could be hit in an instant,” she says.

Speeding drivers, a curve in the road, and a honeysuckle covered fence are making it difficult to safely pull out of the neighborhood.

Residents cant change the road or stop the speeders, but they can change the fence.

“We’ve been fighting this thing for a good three years now,” adds Leonard.

It’s not really the fence, but the vines covering it that have created a blind spot for drivers trying to turn onto the main road.

“When I pull out of that intersection, I look to the left and then I’ll check to the right and then I’ll check to the left again and then I gun it to get across the intersection so nobody comes up on that curve real fast and hits me,” says Martin.

According to VDOT, since the fence is on private property, all it can do is cut back any honeysuckle that puts drivers in danger.

Neighbors say that’s just a short term fix, because those plants will grow back.”

“I do everything i can. I can’t stop honeysuckle from growing, ” explains Denise Mott.

She owns the fence and the headaches caused by angry neighbors.

“I use this exit every day,” says Mott, “I’m able to see. I’m able to hear the cars coming. You know I don’t know what to tell them.”

Mott isn’t taking down her fence.

Her neighbors aren’t giving up either.

They hope to convince VDOT to put up a sign warning drivers of the challenging intersection.

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