Canadian couple plans wedding number 13

(WISH) – A Canadian couple will get married next month for the 13th time!

Karl Fix and Sandy Beug have gotten married 12 times – in 12 different countries. They say they love to travel.

They married the first time 11 years ago in South Africa, but sadly lost their wedding certificate.

On another trip in West Africa, Karl found an official to marry them again. they loved the second wedding so much, it inspired them to get married again – and again.

Karl jokes that his wife can’t divorce him, because no attorney could dissolve all of their marriages.

“It will be for better or for worse, til death do us part because she has no choice — too many weddings! — Too many weddings, too many places, too expensive for a lawyer to go around,” said Karl.

The couple says their next wedding will be in Mongolia.

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