Ways to save big on back-to-school supplies

ABC US News | World News

It’s that time of year again! Families are hitting the stores with hefty back-to-school lists, anxious to fill their students’ backpacks!

Eric Young’s family of four spends more than $1,500 buying supplies and getting ready for school each year.

“With the two kids I’m just spending twice as much,” Young, co-editor at Motherburg.com, told ABC News. “And with a third on the way I’m even a little more budget conscious of trying to cut corners.”

Luckily, though, editorial director of Yahoo parenting Lindsay Powers is armed with easy ways to save.

Check out apps like ibotta or Ebates that will pay you to shop. Search for your store and you can get cash back for your purchases.

“Two percent cash back, it’s activated, and you can combine it with what is already on sale,” Powers explained while showing Young how to use the apps.

Next, sign up for mailing lists. These often give exclusive deals and sales to subscribers. An L.L. Bean listing alerted Young to a 25 percent off coupon on backpacks and lunchboxes that they were already planning on purchasing.

“Your total is $103,” Powers said. “At 25 percent off, that’s going to take your total down to about $75.”

And if you’re shopping online, check sites or apps like RetailMeNot and Shopular for secret savings, such as 25% off at Staples, Powers suggests.

“For all your school supplies, it’s just over $160,” Powers said. “We’ve added this coupon on and it’s dropped down to $140.”

Those same apps can also alert you to in-store deals using the GPS locator on your phone to help you find savings as soon as you walk in.

After ringing it all up Young’s original total was $400.98, but after applying a 35% off code, “you actually saved $163, so your total is only $240,” said the cashier.

All in all, the tips saved this family more than $250, which is more than 15% off their back-to-school budget.

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