Late mother’s cherished jewelry stolen from Henrico home

HENRICO, Va. (WRIC) — A Henrico family devastated by the loss of a wife and mother discovered someone stole precious jewelry from her estate on July 30. On that day, Phillip Coltrain was home alone, vacuuming the sunroom on the back of his house.

When his daughter, Hannah, came home from work, she sensed something was not right.

“Somebody had been in my room,” she said. “I could tell because things had been moved around. After looking through my jewelry box saw that my mom and dad’s wedding ring, my mom’s engagement ring and some other jewelry had been stolen.”

She believes someone entered through the garage door while her father cleaned and took an estimated 7 pieces. Altogether police said the jewelry is valued at around $2,000. The Coltrains have asked for further investigation into the incident, but say police will not put a detective on a theft valued less than $5,000.

“I don’t think it’s fair that a monetary value is what police look at,” said Coltrain. She told 8 News the pieces her mother left behind are priceless. “Her rings that my dad gave her back in 1960- that’ can’t be replaced.”

Beth Coltrain died in 2011. Among the pieces stolen in July are her wedding ring- a half carat solitaire diamond on a size 6 gold band. The thief also took a heart-shaped pendant with small diamonds, zircon and topaz inset. The family believes the person responsible was familiar with their house.

Through tears, Hannah Coltrain gave a simple message for whomever took her family’s cherished heirlooms.

“Just give me my mom’s stuff back. That’s all I really want. I really miss her and that’s really all we have left of her.”

Police say they do not have any leads on a suspect.

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