Hospital’s heartwarming gesture for couple married 68 years goes viral

(Photo: Facebook/Piedmont Fayette Hospital)

It’s been said that true love stands the test of time. A hospital in Georgia is going above and beyond to make sure that remains the case for one very special couple.

Tom and Arnisteen Clark, of Fayetteville, Georgia, got married 68-years-ago. They separated only once in their lives while Tom, an Army veteran, served in Korea.

Their lifelong unity made their stay at the Piedmont Fayette Hospital particularly difficult after they were both admitted to the orthopedic surgical floor — in separate rooms.

“I believe he was brought in a couple days before she was,” Charlsie Niemiec, the hospital’s social media specialist, told ABC News. “Because they were on the orthopedic surgical floor, none of those rooms have double occupancy so they couldn’t be together, and it was clearly breaking their hearts.”

The situation was heart wrenching for the hospital staff, too. So the manager of their floor, Tina Mann, made special arrangements to keep the sweethearts side-by-side.

“One of our managers, Tina, got some help with the clinical staff to go above and beyond to get special visitation rights,” Niemiec explained. “He was able to sit there with her for a few hours every single day.”

For Tom, it meant the world to be able to see his beloved bride.

“I just can’t be away from her,” the 96-year-old told the hospital’s staff. “She’s the finest woman in the world.”

Arnisteen, 92, and Tom have both been released and moved to a rehab facility.

“Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for the Clarks and many more happy years together,” the hospital wrote on their Facebook page along with this touching photo now going viral with more than 3,000 shares.

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